Social Unplug, Cultivating & Nurturing Relationships

Social Unplug, Cultivating & Nurturing Relationships

Social networking is great for what it is called, networking on a social level. Social networks have made it more than easy to cultivate relationships with people from across the world in other ways of life and etc. Sadly this social landscape that we are living in where we don’t talk to our friends but we tweet them or Instagram them photos with the captions of “wish you were here” we are losing our skills and essentially leaving behind the function of close human interaction.  What’s also very sad about this is that you don’t realize how out of touch you are with the world and the relationships you made in the physical until you see photos of people you once knew with the hash tag #rip.

We have got to do better people, call this a PSA or Call To Action but we need to unplug and continuously groom and nurture these relationships that we have. Here are five easy things you can do to stay connected with friends who may be hundreds of miles away.

1. Hand written letter/card
As a writer and a prim and proper lady, I believe that hand written letters are great. You can send your friends letters detailing the things that are happening in your life as well as to simply check in on that kind of like a pen pal. Handwritten letters also say a lot about how you feel for a person because not a lot of people are willing to write a paragraph on paper, let alone a letter.  If you’re not willing to unplug from the net, you can also send an email.

2. Travel to see each other
A great thing also is destination trips.  Being miles away clearly you can’t call your friend and meet at the mall easily, but you can plan trips to meet up and explore somewhere together. If this is your option thankfully we are living in the times of good deals on airfare – hit up Orbitz and Airbnb but this is a great option.

3. Talk on the phone
We have got so comfortable with texting and tweeting that a lot of us forget to call out friends. I must say this is something that I forget to do constantly because I’m constantly on the move, reading or doing busy work but this is something that we need to do.

4. Skype / FaceTime
Skype is also a good option as well. What’s better than having a phone call than being able to see your friend.  Here you can get a real life sense of what’s going on with your friends. Plus you can screenshot your chat and have a pretty nifty photo.

5. Lastly unplug.
Some people expose their whole life on social networks the things you should be communicating with your friends about, hundreds of strangers know.  Sometimes less is more. Unplug some – well a lot if you’re one of those TMIers.

These are just some of my thoughts, but please, check in on your friends. And in the words of my puzzle piece, Andrea on her Facebook Status Update:

I just want to take this moment to say, that if we are indeed friends, please know that you can reach out to me. There’s no need to suffer in silence. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak, in fact it’s quite the opposite. As friends, we’ve got to go beyond status update checks, and scrolling through Instagram photos to see if the people we call friends are doing alright. That can only show you a small block of what people want you to see. Tell someone you love them today. You never know how far that can go. Blessings.

Erin is a freelance culture writer based in the San Francisco who loves to travel, eat good food, read good books, and dance to good music. Not to mention, beards are her favorite things. Tweet me @bellametaphor