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I’m a big advocate of staying organized.  I feel better prepared for life’s challenges when I am prepared.  I grew up with a mom who was a stickler for organization, so I got one of my first organizers around the age of seven – when I was a Basketball star, Dancer and Ice Skater.  Okay, I was never a Basketball star – I played, not well thanks to being vain and not wanting to wear that rope for my glasses – which is neither here nor there.

Growing up, the need for being organized has stayed with me whether I’m keep track of article deadlines, interviews, happy hours, dates, or gatherings with my girlfriends.  I find that I thrive in planners that are both Monthly, and Daily.  I need a lot of space, which is why I’ve created my own planner complete with Franklin Covey pages I picked up at Staples for $34, a 5×8 binder, and extra notebook pages.  If you’re not like me and unwilling to pay $50 dollars for your dream journal, Pinterest as always, has you covered.  I have compiled a list of some of my favorite boards for creating your own planners.

Hopefully, these are helpful. Let’s make 2014 – a kick ass year in terms of staying organized and ahead of the curve.

Jacki Whitford’s DIY Planners & Moleskine Hacks
Before I got my planner that I am trying to stay committed to now, I was a big advocate of using a Moleskine notebook for my planning necessities. The good thing about Moleskine is the size. For women, they are small enough to fit in our purses, they come in cute colors now (I’m infatuated with the green and white one) they also have that handy pocket in the back. The cool thing about creating a planner in a Moleskine is the fact that you can create your planner pages any size you want – and Jacki’s Pintrest board shows this. Her board is epic to say the least, it has 885 Pins of greatness and for us indecisive folks, it has several different options.
Follow the board here.

Bailey Bengston’s DIY Planner
Also, a necessity that makes for a great planner is having an area for Time Management. It’s okay to just put events or things that you have to do, but I find that it’s more successful when you put it in the area of the event with time stamps. Bailey’s board solves this issue with several different templates you can use that ensure that you are making the best of your time.
Follow the Board here.

Amanda Hawkin’s DIY Planners and Binders
What makes Amanda’s board cool is that she has several printable calendars, and tips that you can use for your DIY Planner. I’m really in love with the Filofax Kraft set.
Follow the board here.

Sheena LaShay’s DIY – Planner/Calendar Project
Lastly, I’m really in love with Sheena’s board because she shows that simplicity and structure goes a long way when finding an effective way to organize. I love the Moleskine sketchbook component. Very cool board.
Follow the board here.

Yay. If it helps, I can add pictures of the planner I created as well. :)

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